In the Netherlands, we provide academic education and do academic research at the highest possible level. The academic community contributes to social and multidisciplinary issues by studying these issues and trying to find answers. Issues of today, tomorrow and the days to come. These issues demand more cooperation and a multidisciplinary approach to ensure scientific practice and impact, accompanied by a good practice of recognition and rewards.


We are proud of our universities, university medical centers, research institutes and research funders (UNL, NLU, NFU, KNAW, NWO en ZonMw). These organisations are the participants of the Recognition & Rewards programme. This academic community is working towards a new balance in recognising and rewarding academics. All participants have set up committees that work on the Recognition and Rewards in their organisation. The participants can be found here

Putting into practice the shared ambitions in Dutch academia requires a modernisation of the system of recognition and rewards. These ambitions demand a substantial culture change and cooperation. The modernisation should be designed to improve the quality of each of the key areas: education, research, impact, leadership and (for university medical centres) patient care. We want to make room for everyone’s talent in Dutch academia. 

Modernising the system of recognition and rewards requires a culture change as well as national and international coordination between all parties involved. In the Dutch Recognition & Rewards programme we work in cooperation with all universities, university medical centers, reputable research institutes and research funders. We work on: Room for everyone’s talent.