Who we are

Our web address is: https://recognitionrewards.nl.


When people comment to posts on our website, we collect the data that is shown in the form, the IP-address of the visitor and the browser user-agent. We do this to detect spam.

An anonymised string, based on the e-mail address (also called a hash) can be send to the Gravatar service, if you use that. Their privacy statement can be found here: https://automattic.com/privacy/. After your comment is approves, your (Gravatar) photo will be visible in your comment.


When you leave comments on our website, you will be given a choice if your e-mail address and website can be stored in a cookie. We do this for your convenience. We will delete the cookie after one year.

Enclosed content from other websites

Articles can contain content from other websites, like video’s, images, text etc. Enclosed content from other websites acts like you visit the website the content is coming from. These websites can collect data, use cookies and additional tracking services. They can also monitor your interaction with enclosed content, if you have an account and interact with enclosed content.

With whom we share data

IF you request a login/password reset, your IP address will be in the reset e-mail

How long we keep your content

When you comment on something on our website, your comment and its metadata will be saved indefinitely. We use this to automatically approve comments on comments in threads.

Your rights

You can request an export of the data we collected from you. You can also request that we delete the data we collected from you. This excludes the data that we are obliged to keep for administrative, legal or security purposes.

Where we send your data

We use an automatic spam detection to check your comments.