On the 13th of April the third edition of the Recognition & Rewards Festival will take place. This year the Recognition & Rewards Festival has a special focus on Rethinking Assessment. During the Recognition & Rewards Festival we will elaborate on the specific elements of the programme. In round table sessions we discuss relevant topics within the programme and in workshops we deepen these discussions. For these workshops we invite you to send in a workshop proposal.

Rethinking Assessment

In this broad movement on a different way of recognising and rewarding in academia, questions arise on ‘how’ to do so. How can we implement our ambitions? On which basis will we assess research, teaching, teamwork and so on? How do we ensure the quality of assessment? And how do assessment and development relate to each other? There is a big international movement regarding Reforming Research Assessment. But what are the main developments in the other domains in academia?

These questions and many more topics will be discussed during the Recognition & Rewards Festival. Keep an eye on this website for more information.

Call for workshops

In workshops we deepen the discussions. For these workshopswe invite you to submit a workshop proposalThe deadline for this is the 18th of November. Everyone can submit ideas or proposals for a contribution at the Recognition & Rewards Festival. Please feel free to forward this call to those who might be interested in submitting one.

The following link gives you the possibility to submit a proposal:


You can find practical information for the workshop proposal here.