mmmAcademia: a card game to stimulate reflection about Recognition & Rewards in academia
By Frank Leoné (Radboud University)

At Radboud University, the Teaching and Learning Centre is developing the reflective card game “mmmAcademia” to encourage bottom-up conversations about recognition and rewards in academia. The game includes stylized quotes on events from academic life, touching on sensitive topics about recognition and rewards. Players read these quotes aloud and then share personal experiences. Next, they discuss what (if anything) could be done about the issue and how urgently this needs to be done. As a result, the game opens up the conversation on recognitions and rewards and provides input for the organization.

During our session, we introduced the game, demonstrated a digital version to participants and then all participants played the game in small groups. Finally, we collected feedback from participants and suggestions for new cards.

It is important to address sensitive topics, emotions and dilemma’s when discussing recognition and rewards in academia. A game can be a method to break the ice and start a dialogue within groups, departments and universities. During the session it became apparent that multiple participants had plans for similar games to address dilemma’s, emotions and questions of safety. “mmmAdacamia” is experienced as a good conversation starter, inviting participants to share experiences and think about what could be done to improve the situation. Participants appreciate that the game is interactive and raises relevant questions.