Opening & Welcome
Photographer: Anne van Zantwijk
Eveline van Rijswijk, host of the day
Eveline van Rijswijk is a moderator, science communicator, (political) historian, public speaker and theatre maker. She was the editor-in-chief of Universiteit van Nederland (online science show) and presented Focus (radio show on history and science, NPO Radio 1).
Photographer: Lilian van Rooij
Joke van Saane, Rector magnificus at the University of Humanistic Studies
Prof. Joke van Saane is since 2019 Rector Magnificus of the University of Humanistic Studies and holds the chair Meaning and Leadership. She studied psychology and educational sciences at VU University Amsterdam, where she also obtained her PhD in psychology of religion. She has published, among other things, on spirituality and leadership. From 2014 to 2019 she was professor of Psychology of Religion and vice-dean of education at the Faculty of Religion and Theology of VU University Amsterdam.
Hieke Huistra
Hieke Huistra is an assistant professor at the Utrecht University. She is a historian of science and medicine and is also a science columnist for the Dutch newspaper Trouw.
Plenary round table discussion on Rethinking Excellence
Marieke Adriaanse
Marieke Adriaanse is a Professor of 'Behavioural Interventions in Population Health' at the LUMC, and an advocate for Open Science and an alternative approach to recognising and rewarding in academia.
Yarin Eski
As assistant professor in public administration, Yarin Eski teaches and delivers research on predominantly (organized) maritime crime, policing, arms dealing and genocide; anything but cheerful topics. Next to his academic work, he, however, also keeps himself busy with far more cheerful priority, that of making the academic work place a bit friendlier, less competitive, and overall, (mentally) healthier. In his previous role as member and eventually chair of the Amsterdam Young Academy, and ever since, he dedicates himself to not just preach but also practise daily (self-)recognition and rewarding, as well as stimulating it among his colleagues.
Plenary round table discussion with Early career academics
Charisma Hehakaya
Charisma Hehakaya is an assistant professor in the Global Health research group at the UMC Utrecht. She works on improving environmental impact on human health and wellbeing. She founded the First Generation Fund and University Pioneers Community to encourage first-generation students to make the most of their talents. Hehakaya has been a member of Young Science in Transition.
Onur Şahin
Onur Şahin is a postdoctoral researcher at the Social and Behavioural Sciences (SBS) Faculty at Utrecht University. His research focuses on the role of gender norms in the division of household chores and on diversity and inclusion in organizations from a social psychological perspective. Onur also advises the SBS Faculty’s HR department on their diversity policies and involved with the university’s EDI office to work towards a more inclusive university.
Plenary closure
Noémie Aubert Bonn
Noémie is a post-doctoral researcher in Hasselt University, Belgium, where she conducts research on research assessment and researcher wellbeing, and in Amsterdam University Medical Centers, Netherlands, where she is involved in the SOPs4RI project – a European Commission project that aims to create a toolbox to help research institutions and research funders foster better research integrity.