Workshop: Team Spirit & high involvement
by Paul Boselie, Stans de Haas, Christel Lutz, Daniel Cohnitz, Ineke Verhagen and Reine van der Wal (all from Utrecht University)

Stans de Haas opens the floor to demonstrate the triple model of R&R at Utrecht University. TRIPLE stands for Team, Research, Impact, Professional performance, Leadership and Education. Reine van der Wal and Christel Lutz explain the model further. The new R&R takes the collective as the starting point: collectively, we want to hit all the points of the triple model. Domains work together and strengthen each other. Using a set tool, teams discuss together what the goals, structure, indicators of quality and impact are.

Ineke Verhagen explains the leadership programme of UU. The mission is ‘Sharing science, shaping tomorrow’. Three dimensions of leadership: personal, organisational, and strategic leadership. UU will organize the UU Leadership trach in March 2022 (6-8 days), and two-day deep dive workshops on R&R which they will pilot in Q2 and roll out in Q4.

Daniel Cohnitz explains how UU focuses on team spirit. In team science, researcher collaborate and have their own expertise. Particularly in the humanities, scholars are thought of as the ‘lonely scholar’. Still, we see more of a move towards collaborative work. Teams can still be the starting point for strategic planning.

The speakers discuss their experiences with working in teams. Afterwards, the floor was opened for the audience to discuss their views on R&R. It touched upon how to implement R&R as a leader, how to deal with international career paths, and preparing PhDs for working outside of academia.