In the first week of June the broad community of recognition and rewards gathered in an online meeting. During this meeting project managers, committee chairs and board members discussed several dilemmas surrounding the programme. We animated the discussion and dilemmas as you can see in the image below.

During the meeting it became clear that many universities have taken steps within the Recognition and Rewards programme. These steps can be seen small, but are of great importance, it is therefore important to recognise these steps as valuable as they are. Furthermore the discussion focused on current (financial) structures in the academy and how these structures influence the current movement of Recognition and Rewards.

We can say that it was very valuable to have a broad discussion about certain dilemmas. By sharing insights, approaches and visions on all levels we can strengthen each other and the Recognition and Rewards movement. The discussion will continue; within universities, between academics and on diverse (international) levels.

31 mei 2021

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