To identify, recognize and reward diversity of talent

Tilburg University has implemented a new Performance and Talent Development (P&TD) system in line with Recognition and Rewards. The new system supports Tilburg University’s vision on talent development and makes it possible to identify, recognize and reward the diversity of talent in the five domains that are central to recognition and rewards: education, research, impact, leadership, and team spirit. The system also facilitates continuous (peer) feedback, self-reflection, and an open dialogue between employees and their supervisors and between colleagues. In the new system evaluation will take the form of a narrative instead of a score and training and tools will be available for both supervisors and employees to assist them in having a good conversation. The system also offers the possibility for team evaluation and personnel planning. The introduction of the P&TD system marks the start of the implementation phase of Recognition and Rewards at Tilburg University. It’s time for action now! Curious about other concrete steps they are taking?

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