On december 9, 2020, Radboud UMC discussed Recognition and Rewards at the Research Integrity Round. The webinar was titled ‘Recognition and Rewards for Radboudumc Academics’ 

During the webinar junior and senior researchers at Radboudumc were informed about the new approach to a new balance in the recognition and rewards for academics and provided with a platform of discussion with a panel consisting of Dr. Annemijn Algra from the Young Science in Transition movement, Radboudumc dean Prof. Jan Smit, and Prof. Jeroen Geurts, president of ZonMw. The event included interactive polls which made it really easy to see how people feel about the issues discussed.

Young researchers are enthusiastic about the new approach to a Recognition and Rewards system. You can read al about the webinar and the conclusion that more discussion is needed on the Radboudumc website.

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