In line with the Recognition and Rewards Programme, the Royal Academy has also developed its own plan, tailored to its organisation: the Recognition and Rewards Agenda for 2022 – 2025.

The plan will have various practical implications for Academy staff. Here are some of the actions that are planned:

    • – Starting with its own strategy, each institute will examine what this strategy means for ‘quality of academic output’ and which (qualitative and quantitative) metrics it would like to use in PURE;
    • – We have noted that the dividing line between academic and non-academic staff is sometimes quite fluid. The Academy takes the scientific support staff in scope of the Recognition and Rewords Agenda, which means for instance that the latter will have more opportunity to publish and conduct research, if that is appropriate to their talents and aspirations. But also that we question the current job evaluation system with its strict dividing line between scientific and support staff;​
    • – There will be a new system of annual consultations that focuses on teamwork, the manager’s performance, and personal development goals and career paths;
    • – There will be more consideration for the future careers of PhD students and postdocs on temporary contracts;
    • –  Leadership is essential for the recognition and rewards process. Managers will be selected primarily for their proven leadership skills, will be given the time and support they need to develop these skills, will reserve time for that purpose, and will receive personalised training; ​

To implement these and many other plans, the Academy is setting up a project organisation that will do the necessary work over the years 2022-2023.

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