The first prize of the Dutch Higher Education Awards is elected to TU Eindhoven innovation Space and LeerLevels of the Amsterdam University of applied sciences. On Monday march 1st, during the ComensiusFestival, Minister Van Engelshoven awarded the prizes for the first time.

The price helps educational teams to finance (new) projects for innovation and/or improvement of higher education.  The price serves as a recognition for teams of teachers that deliver a top performance, and it motivates teachers to continue their great work of innovation and knowledge sharing.

Other winning teams
The second and third place prizes for universities were awarded to Urban Futures Studio of the University Utrecht and RASL-minor, Erasmus University, in cooperation with Willem de Kooning Academie Hogeschool Rotterdam and Codarts. The second and third place prizes for universities of applies sciences were for the Open-ICT team of Utrecht and Team Value Creators of Windesheim.

An extensive article (in Dutch) and jury rapport can be found here.

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