An update from Maastricht University: 

The Recognition & Rewards programme has entered a new phase. Now that the academic profiles have been adopted, all UM academics – together with their managers – will be able to shape their own academic career path in 2023; one with a personal focus that matches their development plan and the development and needs of the organisation.

Academic profiles have been drawn up for three job groups: one for assistant, associate & full professors (with or without patient care) and separate profiles for research or teaching. In the teaching and research profiles, the UM job titles have been changed, as requested by our community, when compared to the national university job classification system (Teacher/Researcher 1 to 4). The academic profiles serve as guidelines for academics – together with their leadership – to shape their academic careers. They provide clarity on what is expected of academics. Their leadership and assessors can also use the profiles as a guide. They are not checklists, but tools for a comprehensive and ongoing dialogue on development.

Components of the profiles
Each profile always starts with the core UM values that every UM employee should develop: academic citizenship, personal/professional leadership, teamwork and impact, and Open Science (if applicable). In addition, the profile contains assessment components for each job group. From the level of assistant professor onwards, every academic combines the core activities of teaching and research (and patient care in appropriate cases) to some extent. In addition, elective components offer plenty of opportunities to specialise in one or more domains.

Where are we now?
In autumn 2022, an implementation meeting took place in each faculty including all department chairs and members of the assessment committees. During 2023, they will draw up a personalised academic profile with each academic in their department. Each faculty will inform their own academic staff about the next steps.

All academic profiles, with a clear schematic representation of all development components, can be found on the website. In order to conduct the development dialogue in line with these profiles, a format has been developed: the UM Career Compass. This Career Compass will most likely be available in the spring of 2023 (after completion of the decision-making process) and provides tools to support these dialogues. Leaflets summarising the various elements of the academic profiles will also be distributed via the department chairs (this leaflet can also be found in digital form on the website).

What’s next?
In the course of 2023, the processes around development and promotion (such as annual appraisals and assessment regulations) will be aligned with the philosophy of Recognition & Rewards. In addition, where necessary, faculties will review the composition and processes of the bodies and individuals involved in development and promotion.

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