At the TU Delft, they made  about different aspects of teaching. The second season has started April ’22. The first season was called ‘The Exploration’, you can find it via the same link. About Adventures in Teaching:

What is teacher identity, and how do you cultivate a teacher identity? How does teacher identity shape your role and personal development?

If you’ve ever wondered about this concept, we invite you to explore it with us in this season. Join lecturer Martin Sand (TPM) in his quest for Teacher Identity. As the co-host for this season, Martin will explore why Teacher Identity is this such an important concept and whether new and experienced lecturers are aware of their teacher identity. What does this mean on a personal level? For TU Delft as an organisation, what could be improved to facilitate an awareness of the concept of teacher identity?

The aim of this season is to inspire you to reflect on your own teaching philosophy and practices, and hopefully help you move further towards finding your path. Make yourself comfortable, grab a cup of coffee, and join us on the journey towards discovering our teacher identities.

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