On Monday November 6th we had another ‘E&W broad’ meeting. This meeting is designed for project leaders, committee chairs, and others directly involved in the Recognition & Rewards programme to come together. During today’s meeting, we focused on scientists at the beginning of their careers. What is happening in this area at institutions? Colleagues from different institutions shared what they are doing for postdocs and lecturers.

Dagmar Eleveld, for instance, presented the approach from Radboudumc towards postdocs. What is needed to give postdocs a visible place? After that, Anna Roodhof (PNN), Max van Haastrecht (PhD student, Leiden University), and Marjan van Hunnik (KNAW) facilitated a workshop around the ‘proeve van bekwaamheid’ of PhD students. What should that be if we look from an E&W perspective at their multi-year journey to becoming ‘full-fledged academics’?

Robert Grem (University of Amsterdam) then presented the UvA’s new lecturer policy. Lecturers perform a substantial part of educational tasks, making them an important and inseparable part of the university. The policy aims to reduce the number of short-term appointments of lecturers, increase the job security of lecturers, and offer more career prospects.

The concluding presentation came from Julius Smit and Laurette van der Woning (University of Twente). In their presentation, they discussed recognising and rewarding OBP and the importance of good leadership in it. These were all interesting and important topics that prompted many questions and reactions. Concrete results? That’s not what this session is about. Exchanging experiences and developments is the aim, so that we can learn from each other. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know!

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