On the 4th of February the second edition of the Recognition & Rewards Festival took place. For us this was a successful day full of interaction and inspiration. Looking back on the festival, we wrote a report covering parts of the programme. During the festival there was room for several workshops. We have summarized most of the workshops, by clicking on the workshop title you will go to the summary.

Workshop: Team Spirit & high involvement
By Paul Boselie, Stans de Haas, Christel Lutz, Daniel Cohnitz, Ineke Verhagen and Reine van der Wal (all from Utrecht University)

Workshop: Focus profiles and working in teams at the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (ESSB)
By Vincent Bekkers, Christien Bakker and Bianca Langhout (all from Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Workshop: Emergent leadership and team spirit: Applying Science in Practice
By Jaap Paauwe, Ramona van der Linden and Elke van Cassel (all from Tilburg University)

Workshop: Teams & team performance; good practices outside academia
By Anita Klaver, Mostafa Ben Amar and Philippe de Bock (moderator)

Workshop: Rewarding Open Science, Team Science and Collaborative Approaches
By Joachim Goedhart (UvA), Serkan Girgin (UT), Connie Claire (TU Delft), Sanli Faez (UU), Maria Cruz (NWO) and Hans de Jonge (NWO)

Workshop: How do university rankings relate to Recognition & Rewards?
By Tessa Groen, Reyer Gerlagh, Rolf Hut and Pieter Duisenberg (moderator)

Workshop: Assessment of quality: how to proceed?
By Theo Jetten (WUR), Frank van Vree (NIOD) and Perry den Brok (WUR)

Dialogue on international reputation and international career prospects by Ineke Sluiter (moderator), Raymond Poot, Hanneke Hulst, Rianne Letschert and Marcel Levi and Meaghan Polack.
For a recap, see this article on ScienceGuide

Workshop: Sustainable Careers in Academia
By Jos Akkermans (VU) and Beatrice van der Heijden (Radboud University)

Workshop: mmmAcademia: a card game to stimulate reflection about Recognition & Rewards in academia
By Frank Leoné (Radboud University)

Harnessing community resources for research assessment reform
By Sarah de Rijcke and Alex Rushforth (both Leiden University)