VU Amsterdam published a video animation about their Recognition & Reward programme.

‘Society is always changing, and so is Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Much is expected of you as an academic. Are all your activities being recognized and rewarded? VU Amsterdam is developing a new system of Recognition and Reward. Allowing academics, like yourself, to further develop themselves as wide as possible. This new system will offer more opportunities on various fronts. Such as greater emphasis on quality, instead of quantity.

We also aim to strike the right balance between research, education, knowledge transfer and leadership, to increase your career opportunities. Education and research remain the core tasks, but more combinations are possible. In addition, open science is becoming the standard. This allows us to connect to the world around us in a transparant way. We are increasingly focused on team performance while carefully rewarding individual contributions too. Lastly, we are investing in leadership of the future, which will be more entrepreneurial, more creative and more focused on collaboration. As a result, we recognize and reward academics for all their various competencies. Enabling you to distinguish yourself even more and work together pleasantly.

What does recognition and reward mean to you? Share your ideas with your dean, your supervisor or HR consultant.’

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