The Recognition and Rewards programme now has a central website with information regarding the national programme: On the website stories will be shared. Stakeholders will share their opinions and experiences. Also ‘practices’ will be displayed; These are examples of (sub)projects of the organisations participating in the programme. These practices demonstrate the steps taken in the process of culture change their organisations. On the website, all initiatives and developments are brought together. In this way the common movement will be emphasized and utilised. While the program itself is still in full development and movement, the website is of course too. The website will grow in the coming period by adding new stories and practices.

The Recognition & Rewards Programme

The Recognition and Rewards programme is a cooperation between VSNU, KNAW, NFU, NWO, ZonMW and the Dutch universities, focused on a different approach of recognising and rewarding science and scientist. In the Netherlands, we provide academic education and do academic research at the highest possible level. The academic community contributes to social and multidisciplinary issues by studying these issues and trying to find answers. Issues of today, tomorrow and the days to come. These issues demand more cooperation and a multidisciplinary approach to ensure scientific practice and impact, accompanied by a good practice of recognition and rewards. Putting into practice the shared ambitions in Dutch academia requires a modernisation of the system of recognition and rewards. These ambitions demand a substantial culture change and cooperation. The modernisation should be designed to improve the quality of each of the key areas: education, research, impact, leadership and (for university medical centres) patient care. We want to make room for everyone’s talent in Dutch academia.

Recognition & Rewards Festival

On January 22nd, the Recognition & Rewards Festival will take place. All participants of the Dutch Recognition & Rewards programme will come together, along with other interested parties. During the festival we take a deep dive into culture change. We discuss the status of the programme a year after launching our position paper: Room for Everyone’s talent. Furthermore, in the various workshops we focus on specific elements of the programme.

The Festival will be from 10.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M, more information and a registration form can be found on:

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