EUA’s vision for the future

EUA has developed its vision for Europe’s universities in 2030. After intensive consultations with more than 100 experts and visionaries from the EUA membership and a wide range of external partners, the EUA Council, adopted “Universities without walls – A vision for 2030” on 29 January 2021.

We are happy to see that EUA has included reforming academic careers in their vision for the coming decade, meaning that hundreds of universities will share our ambitions.

You can find the EUA vision here. Please read down below a passage from the document.

This vision for Europe’s universities in 2030 requires a reform of academic careers. This should be acknowledged and supported by all stakeholders through the following actions:

  • Using a broader set of evaluation practices for academic careers, which include a wide definition of impact, beyond traditional bibliometric indicators;
  • promoting further parity of esteem between different career paths, including parity of esteem between research and teaching;
  • enabling and valorising Open Science in career and research assessment;
  • incentivising activities with different forms of impact, including innovation or citizen science, dissemination, supervision and mentoring, while retaining the core goal of research activities, which is the expansion of human knowledge;
  • making academic careers less precarious and more attractive as life choices in order to develop and retain talent;
  • providing more flexibility for academic careers. It must be easier to switch jobs between academia and other sectors, such as start-ups, industry or public administration. Researchers with job experience outside academia must have access to university careers

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