On 28 March 2023, CoARA launched a call to all Coalition members for proposals of Working Groups and National Chapters. This is the first time such a call is launched since the Coalition’s inception in December 2022. This call is a significant step in the Coalition’s action responding to the need to reform research assessment. Operating as ‘communities of practice’ under the principles of mutual learning and collaboration, the developed outputs of these Working Groups will support CoARA members in their implementation of the commitments agreed upon when joining the Coalition.

Compositions of Working Groups

Three types of Working Groups (interest, discipline and institutional communities) are aimed to be formed, with the objective to build upon what is already being done within the community and to add value. In addition, inclusivity is a major driver for the composition of the Working Groups, as they are expected to involve organisations of varying types and sizes, from different geographical areas, and participants of all career stages. Following a three staged approach, Expressions of Interest are submitted by April, 27, followed by a community discussion, cumulating in a full working group proposal by June, 6. All applicants submitting a working group proposal will be informed of the outcome of the selection process by 13 July 2023. A short evaluation report will also be provided.

National Chapters

In addition, CoARA calls for proposals of National Chapters. National Chapters will contribute to CoARA’s work by facilitating the exchange of knowledge, mutual learning and discussions on CoARA-relevant issues specific to different types of organisations of a given country. There is no limit as to the number of National Chapters that can be approved, however for now there cannot be more than one per country. Proposals for National Chapters will continuously be assessed on a monthly basis starting 6th of June 2023.

Find more information on the criteria and procedure of the call for working groups and national chapters on the CoARA website.

Source: https://coara.eu/news/first-call-for-working-groups-and-national-chapters/

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