The Recognition & Rewards Annual Report 2022 was released today. The annual report contains a comprehensive overview of the activities undertaken from the joint programme.

The Joint Programme Recognition & Rewards was launched in 2020 to realise the goals of the position paper Room for Everyone’s Talent. Also in 2022, the national programme team commissioned by the steering committee worked hard to realise these goals. By means of the annual report, we want to make the steps we have taken together more visible.

Many of the activities in this annual report were initiated by the national programme team, often in consultation with the project leaders of the local Recognition & Rewards Committees.This annual report therefore explicitly assumes the joint programme efforts. Developments within individual institutions are less discussed in this report. This does not mean that little is happening within the various institutions, quite the contrary. Each partner within this programme chooses its own approach to change, prioritisation and pace to suit its own context. Where possible, we provide an overview of key pilots, experiments, successes, challenges and dilemmas.


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